Over the years, Valentine’s Day has started to take on a bad rap! People complain about the commercialism and propaganda of it all, but what is wrong with have a day designed purely to celebrate love and recognize the one that means the most to you in the entire world and how much you appreciate them? Yes, it takes time away from “regular life responsibilities”, but our busy and crazy lives have become part of the problem. It’s too easy for us to get caught up in the every day grind of our regular lives,  and as a result, we forget to do the little things for one another that count. We start to take the other person for granted. Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity and the excuse to spend a little dedicated time with the one you love, to let them know how much they mean to you, and possibly even move your relationship forward to the next step. It’s a time to remind yourself why you first fell in love, and do a little work to help keep the magic alive and going. It doesn’t have to be a painful process. Instead, we’re here to help you out. Here it is, the Creative Weddings’ Guide to Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

In the beginning of a relationship we focus on what the other person likes. We do little things for them that we know will bring a smile to their face. Choosing the perfect Valentine’s gift is like going back to that beginning stage of your relationship and paying close attention to the details. Ask yourself what will bring the person joy and happiness? Does she enjoy being pampered? Does she like something pretty? How about recognizing special dates and memories? Perhaps her life is as crazy as yours, so the gift of time is the right thing for her. Sometimes it is the little things that you do that can show just how much you care.


Flowers are always a good choice! For most women, they are something they love. Fiori Con Amore designs these beautiful, European-inspired luxurious flower boxes. Something she will be able to enjoy and look at in the days to come, bringing a smile to her each and every time knowing that they were a gift from you. Available in a variety of possibilities from passionate red to romantic mix of pinks and creams. Check out Fiori Con Amore to order your ideal flower box now. As a special Valentine’s Gift, delivery on all floral boxes is included!

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A flower box from Fiori Con Amore is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face!

All women like to look good! Having a reason to dress up and wear something that makes her feel beautiful is something she will enjoy, especially if she is the mom of young children with limited opportunities to get out of the house and wear something other than yoga pants. Buy her a new dress or lingerie. (Hint: Go check her closet and find something she wears often to check the size and choose a color that you see her wear often. Maybe even take a picture of some of the clothing items you know she likes that you can show the salesclerk to help them find something that she will like.)

Chinook Centre, The Core Downtown, and Market Mall have lots of options for finding her a beautiful dress. If you decide to shop for lingerie, Knickers ‘N Lace has everything you need. Just make sure that whatever you choose is something that she will like and feel comfortable in versus choosing something that you would want her to wear for you. (Or maybe you buy her both!)

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Buying something she would like to wear shows her that you put her needs above your own. Lingerie from Knickers ‘N Lace.


Spending a day at the spa gives her some of the pampering she deserves. The best part is that it is often something she wouldn’t normally do for herself, making it all that more special. If she is new to the spa experience, you may want to start with a basic manicure or pedicure. If you want to make it more romantic, make to something that both of you can do together and look into a couple’s massage. Some of the spas you may want to check out include The Spa Ritual (Crowfoot), Lakeside Spa (Lake Bonavista), and RnR Wellness Spa (Palliser Hotel).

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For some women, they savour the special moments. They like to celebrate special moments, like your first date, your first kiss, the day you proposed. If this describes your significant other, then show her that those dates are important to you as well. Choose items to recognize those special moments in your history as a couple. This could also include the birth of children, or special trips. Pandora has charm bracelets with hundreds of options to choose from. Maybe this is the time to get her a starter bracelet with a few charms that you will add to in the years to come as you build your life together.

Pandora Bracelet, charm bracelet, Valentine's Day, gifts for her, Valentines gift guide, Creative Weddings Planning & Decor, Calgary Wedding Planner, Banff Wedding Planner

Pandora has beautiful charm bracelets that you can personalize with charms related to special dates, holidays, trips, hobbies and more.


Choosing a time that is dedicated to just the two of you is critical in any relationship and shouldn’t be reserved just for Valentine’s Day. This is an opportunity for you to spend time together, talk with one another, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Our first suggestion is to book a romantic dinner for two at her favorite restaurant. (Maybe this gives her the opportunity to dress up and get out of the house and away from the regular routine.) The other option is to potentially start a new tradition and choose a new spot. Just make sure that they serve her favorite type of cuisine and will provide atmosphere and ambiance for a romantic dinner for the two of you. Some of our faves include The Nash, the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant, and The Lake House.

Our last one may not be as easy, but if you really want to show her how much you care, plan some time away together. This could be a ski weekend or a tropical escape from the cold weather. Maybe it’s only one night away and a “staycation” at one of the local hotels such as Azuridge or the Fairmont Pailliser Hotel. (You can also combine some of the above options.) For example, perhaps you have flowers and a new drewss waiting for her upon check-in, with a special dinner for two planned that evening, and a spa treatment for the following day.)

For more of an adventure getaway, we can’t say enough great things about Sandals Resorts. They are the leade4rs in romantic travel with multiple choice destinations throughout the Caribbean. They provide a new level of luxury with their all-inclusive vacations, and include more options any other destination all-inclusive. Click on the link above to learn more or contact us at 1-888-790-6986, ext. 705 to book your romantic Caribbean escape now and take advantage of savings of up to 65% off regular pricing. What better way to celebrate the two of you!

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Sandals Resorts offers incredible luxury all-inclusive offerings at a variety of resorts throughout the Caribbean. Contact us now to book your next exotic getaway for two.

Valentine’s Day is not your enemy! Use it to remind yourselves why you fell in love in the first place. Use it to celebrate the years you’ve spent together. Maybe use it as a catalyst to try and plan a “Valentine’s Day” once every month or two to keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship. Regardless, spend a bit of time to plan something special that is just right for her and to show her how much she means to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but take a few moments to really think about what she would really enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Cathy MacRae, Creative Weddings Planning and Decor, Calgary and Banff Wedding Planner

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Cathy MacRae is a Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise wedding planner in the business of designing customized weddings that make your heart skip a beat! She is the lead wedding planner and design coordinator for Creative Weddings Planning & Decor©, working with couples to plan customized bespoke weddings that make your heart skip a beat! Located in Calgary, Canada, she plans wedding for couples primarily in and around the Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, and Fernie area. Her clients want a wedding that is all about romance, elegance and personalized style with meaningful and heartfelt moments that take your breath away and created an incredible guest experience. She has been in involved in the wedding industry for over nine years now. The foundation of her business has been built on developing relationships with numerous quality vendors that her allow her to best match them with her clients so the end result is a unique wedding celebration that tells a story and sets the stage for the couple’s “happily ever after.” As a destination wedding specialist, she also works with couples who desire to wed in various picturesque dream locations throughout the world. She had done weddings in various exotic locales such as Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and throughout the Caribbean. She is available to plan weddings internationally.

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