[Editor’s Note: Today, we’re excited to feature guest blogger, Alan Berg. He is an author, professional speaker, and wedding marketing consultant with over 25 years in the wedding industry. He know it inside and out, and understands what challenges today’s couples face. This article, originally published in Beautiful Bride, has been reprinted with permission from Alan Berg. It is still as relevant today as it was when originally written, giving today’s couples another perspective on why they may want to include the services of a wedding planner in their budget. To learn more about Alan, please visit his website at alanberg.com.]

It’s hard not to turn on the TV these days and not see another wedding-related program. There are reality shows and movies, all glamorizing the planning process. Whether you are hooked on them or not, one thing’s for sure; they make the planning look easy, usually because they have professional help. By now, you’ve probably realized that there are way more decisions to be made than you originally thought. From save-the-dates to invitations, rings to dresses, caterers to music, photos and video to flowers and decorations, there are so many decisions. Have you thought about hiring a professional wedding planner? No? Don’t think you need or can afford one?

There are a lot of misconceptions about today’s wedding planners. Some couples think that they can’t afford one while others just want to make most of the big decisions themselves and enjoy the process. Either way, there’s a planning service for everyone. A professional planner will work with you to tailor your wedding to your needs, tastes, style and budget. As a matter of fact it’s their job to know all of the best weddings pros in your market. Since they regularly do business with them, they can often get you a preferred rate or additional services that other brides might not get.

Still not convinced a wedding planner is for you? Consider this: It’s your wedding day. The sun is shining brightly. You’re getting your hair and makeup just right. The wedding party is getting ready… but wait, who’s checking to see if the flowers arrived? Who’s checking with the limo company to make sure they’re on their way? Who’s coordinating the band or DJ’s arrival at your reception venue?

If you answered your Maid of Honor, is that really the right answer? No doubt your Maid of Honor is someone very special to you. It’s her job to make sure you get ready and then, you want her to enjoy the experience of your wedding, along with the rest of your honored guests.

If you answered the Banquet Manager, it’s their job to ensure the reception and catering are on point, but it’s not up to them to make sure the rest of your chosen wedding vendors are where they’re supposed to be, when they supposed to be there. They may offer some planning help, but their main focus is the food and venue.

There are different levels of professional wedding planning, and while I believe that a full service planner is your best guide to a beautiful wedding, you should at least consider a Wedding Day Manager, sometimes called “Day-of-Coordination”. It’s really not “day-of” as they start taking over the management around a month before your wedding. That way they can work with you to hand off all of your chosen vendors, who they are, where and when they’re supposed to be and more, before you get too close to the actual day. That way you can enjoy your day knowing that you’re in the hands of a professional. Your Maid of Honor and your entire wedding party can go from the ceremony, through the photos, to the cocktails and reception, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that a professional is watching over the details. Not just anyone, but someone who has the experience to handle anything that comes up.

In my over 20 years in the wedding industry I know, first hand, that not having a professional planner is one of the two biggest regrets couples have after the wedding (not having video is the other). So, before you write-off hiring a planner, at least have a conversation with one or two and see what they do to help you. Whether you want to make all of the choices or need help with a few or many, I’m sure you’ll find that, like the movies, your wedding’s success will be easier to achieve with professional assistance.

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Having a wedding planner to look after things on your wedding day means you will be able to truly relax and enjoy each and every moment of your wedding celebration with the peace of mind that someone else is looking after all the details.

[At Creative Weddings Planning & Décor, we can help you with either Wedding Day Management (AKA Day of Coordination) or Full Service Coordination. Give us a call at 1-888-790-6986, ext. 705 to talk more about your specific wedding day needs or email us at info@creativeweddings.ca.]



Cathy MacRae, Creative Weddings Planning and Decor, Calgary and Banff Wedding Planner

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Cathy MacRae is a Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise wedding planner in the business of designing customized weddings that make your heart skip a beat! She is the lead wedding planner and design coordinator for Creative Weddings Planning & Decor©, working with couples to plan customized bespoke weddings that make your heart skip a beat! Located in Calgary, Canada, she plans wedding for couples primarily in and around the Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, and Fernie area. Her clients want a wedding that is all about romance, elegance and personalized style with meaningful and heartfelt moments that take your breath away and created an incredible guest experience. She has been in involved in the wedding industry for over nine years now. The foundation of her business has been built on developing relationships with numerous quality vendors that her allow her to best match them with her clients so the end result is a unique wedding celebration that tells a story and sets the stage for the couple’s “happily ever after.” As a destination wedding specialist, she also works with couples who desire to wed in various picturesque dream locations throughout the world. She had done weddings in various exotic locales such as Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and throughout the Caribbean. She is available to plan weddings internationally.

She has earned her Professional Wedding Planner© status with the Association of Bridal Consultants, and is also a member of the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, the Calgary Bridal Alliance, and Calgary’s Event Core. In addition, she is a Certified Sandals Specialist and WeddingMoons© Specialist with Sandals© and Beaches© Resorts, specializing in romantic travel.  She was a founding board member of the Wishing Well Wedding and Event Foundation, Canada’s first non-profit wish granting founding providing weddings for couples directly facing terminal illness, and continues to support the foundation in the role of a STAR vendor. Cathy also owns Consulting For Creatives, where she works as a business coach with both new and experienced entrepreneurs in the wedding and event industry with a desire to get ahead.

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