The wedding is over, and the two of you are ready to escape all of the wedding chaos. It’s time to relax and go on your honeymoon to spend some quality time with one another!

For many couples, this is the trip of a lifetime. As newlyweds, your honeymoon is a chance to travel somewhere you’ve never been before, and perhaps splurge a bit on your accommodation. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for the two of you to spend some much-needed time together celebrating your new status as husband and wife, especially after all of the mayhem associated with the wedding.

Why, then, do some couples come back with a bittersweet taste in their mouth? The fact is, great honeymoons just don’t happen. They require some effort and pre-thought to make it truly a memorable occasion and a trip that you with cherish forever.


Sandals Resorts Honeymoon Sizzle Creative Weddings Planning and Decor Honeymoon Tips

Perfect honeymoons don’t just happen. Choose a destination that both of you will enjoy and the type of vacation that you both will like. Photo credit: Sandals Resorts



  1. Choose something that both of you will enjoy. Backpacking across Europe is a recipe for disaster if one of you prefers five-star accommodations and having a bellboy look after all of the luggage. Some compromise may be involved, but your honeymoon should be in a place that both of you can experience for the first time. Maybe this is your chance to go to Tahiti or explore the Greek Isles, but choose a place that appeals to both of you. It should also be the type of trip you both will enjoy. If you enjoy history, then choosing a location that allows you to explore museums and historical locations will be perfect. Are you the kind of couple who enjoys Bed & Breakfasts or are five-star resorts at an all-inclusive more to your liking?
  2. Make it special. Splurge on your accommodations. Maybe it’s that extra special room with the ocean view or perhaps one with a private plunge pool or jacuzzi. Especially with honeymoon registries, such as Sandals Honeymoon Registry or Honeymoon Wishes, that allow your wedding guests to contribute to this trip of a lifetime, this is your chance to enjoy things a little more and treat yourself big time.
  3. Experience your surroundings and explore the area. One of the biggest mistakes honeymooners can make is to stay locked in their room the entire time. Get out and explore the area. Sign up for a sunset cruise, a snorkeling excursion, or a wine tour. Maybe you would prefer to rent water kayaks or go zip-lining. By forcing yourself to get out of the hotel room and mix with other people, it will make the time you do have alone together all that more special.
  4. Plan some romantic activities for two. Romance plays a huge role on any honeymoon. Make sure you plan a couple of activities that will bring romance to the forefront. This could be a private dinner for two on the beach, a couples’ massage, or even a gondola ride in Venice. Choose at least one activity that will help create the mood and ambiance that you’re after, and then you can take it from there.
  5. Lingerie, lotions, and more. Don’t forget to pack that new negligee or perhaps the massage oils you got as a shower gift. After all, it is your honeymoon and big part of that is to spend time together enjoying yourself. Packing a few special surprises can help make your honeymoon a little more exciting and satisfying for the both of you.
  6. Relax into your honeymoon. So many couples put way too much pressure on themselves wanting their wedding night and their honeymoon to be absolutely perfect. It’s important that you recognize that the majority of newlyweds are past the point of absolute exhaustion on their after their wedding. Realize that it’s going to take a day or two to recover and feel “normal” again. Give yourself permission to get caught up on some sleep and rest up so you can ease into your honeymoon.



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Your honeymoon should be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Perhaps splurge a bit on your accommodations, like this swim-up suite with butler service for the ultimate vacation experience. Photo credit: Sandals Resorts



By implementing some of these ideas, your honeymoon will definitely be off the charts! More importantly, it will be something that the two of you will be able to enjoy and fondly remember for years to come.

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