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Calgary Wedding Planner Creative Weddings Planning and Decor Calgary Bride Kristy Reimer Photography 0463aWeddings are about so much more than just choosing a location and a color scheme. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that celebrates your journey to this day and the promises you are about to make to one another. It's about your personality and your style - an "experience" that tells the story of the two of you!

The majority of couples today have limited experience in planning an event of this size or magnitude. We know that many of you have an idea of what you want, but your careers keep you busy and limit the time required to plan a heartfelt and meaningful celebration. You have a budget that you're working with, and possibly even an idea or two of vendors or venues that might work, but few have the time to check references or even if the costs you're looking at are realistic. That's where we come into the picture! We've planned almost two hundred weddings over the past eight years, honing our craft and expertise. We know the industry and the people in it. Most importantly, whether you want a traditional celebration or not, we know how to plan a chic and stylish wedding that will make your heart skip a beat!

Each and every couple has different needs in terms of planning a wedding. Our job is to meet with you, listen to what you want and need, and come up with some possible services that best fit your requirements so that your wedding becomes an experience with priceless and lasting memories that will touch your heart forever.


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Full Wedding Planning Coordination

For the majority of today's couples, planning a wedding is a completely foreign experience. The learning curve is steep and your time is limited. Having an advocate and professional advisor working on your behalf will not only simplify and streamline the experience, but give you the reassurance that you're making educated and smart decisions,  ensuring that the planning process is something you can enjoy versus stress about.

We'll work along side with you, each and every step of the way. From building you a wedding budget with realistic costs and expenses for the area to helping you choose the venue best suited for the two of you, your guests and the type of celebration you have in mind. We're also going to be instrumental in helping you find the key members of your vendor team, quality and reliable service providers that will be able to bring your wedding vision to life.

From the design side, we can take all of your different ideas to come up with a cohesive vision. We have access to a wide range of rental items from various companies both locally and internationally. This gives you tons of options in terms of linens, décor, chairs, and any other option you can imagine. We also work with a variety of lighting companies and AV companies to really complete the look and design for our wedding.

Our Full Wedding Coordination is completely customizable to ensure that we meet what you want and need. Some of you may have already lined up your venue while others are starting right from the beginning.  Therefore, we want to meet with you (either in-person or over the phone) to listen to your ideas and your vision to design a program specifically for you.


Day Of Coordination (AKA Monthly Coordination)

The title of this program is a bit disconcerting. Anyone with real wedding experience will tell you that managing a wedding involves a lot more than starting a day or two before your big day. This program is designed for the couple that has taken on most of the wedding planning themselves. You've found your venue and decided on all of your vendors. Now, it's just about figuring out the final details and making sure everything will be looked after and go smoothly on your wedding day. We work with you during the last two to three months before your wedding, assisting and advising you with all of the final preparations. Starting this early gives us the necessary time required to transfer all of the information from your brain to ours. We help make sure nothing has been overlooked and look after managing things on the day to ensure things go smoothly. We'll be on hand from start to finish so that the two of you, your family and friends can truly relax and enjoy your day.

We know that many of you are looking for exact pricing. However, without knowing a little more about your wedding, the number of guests, where we're at, what needs to be set-up/cleaned up at the end of the evening, it can be challenging to give you an exact price. We don't believe in charging you for things you don't need. As a result, we want to set up a time with you to either sit down and talk at our studio or arrange for a phone meeting. From there, we will be able to provide you with an exact quote based specifically on what you need and require.

*** Please note that a number of our clients like to pair the Design & Decor Program with our Day Of Coordination Program. As a result, we can offer incentive pricing for couples who choose require both of these options.


Design & Décor

For the couple that have their hearts set on a specific look and feel for their wedding. We take your ideas, finetune the concept, and source out the best vendors who will be able to help us create a stylish celebration that will bring your wedding vision to life. Classic, modern, vintage, rustic or a combination of the above - we can work with you to come up with a plan that is unique and representative of the two of you and your wedding style. This includes finding ways to incorporate details about you both that reflect aspects of you both and will help tell your story.

We're going to source out all of the required rentals you'll need, selecting clean and quality items from both local and international suppliers. This gives us access to a wide range of items from linens, chairs, décor, and pretty much any item you can imagine. To finish off the look and feel of your wedding, we have access to lighting and AV companies that can help raise your event to an entirely new level.

The best part is that on your wedding day, our team will look after the set-up and teardown of your event so you, your family and friends can focus on what is really important - getting married and enjoying each and every aspect of your wedding date!

Every couple we work with has a different budget and different needs. As you can imagine, there are a lot of contributing factors to the price such as the number of guests, the size and location of the venue, how long we have to set-up and teardown, and even the amount of décor that you are envisioning. The answers to these questions give us the information we require in order to give you an accurate price. The best way to do this is to arrange a sit down meeting in our design studio to discuss exactly what you're looking for or to arrange a brief phone meeting. This gives us the opportunity to get a better idea of what you're envisioning and  to customize a Design & Décor program to meet your specific needs.

*** Please note that a number of our clients like to pair the Design & Decor Program with our Day Of Coordination Program. As a result, we can offer incentive pricing for couples who choose require both of these options.


Hourly Consulting & A La Carte Options

For the couple that either needs some basic ideas and advice to get them pointed in the right direction or they want to handpick the options that are best for them. Choose a specific topic and we can share our expertise with you. Sample topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Building A Realistic Wedding Budget For A Calgary Or Banff Wedding
  • Venue Recommendations [Ceremony And/Or Reception]
  • Where To Start: Designing A Wedding Planning Timeline
  • Vendor Referrals
  • Building A Wedding Day Itinerary That Works

Hourly consulting begins at $150/hour plus GST for the first session and $95/hour plus GST for all subsequent sessions.



Contact us now at or call us at 1-888-790-6986, ext. 705 to set up a time for an in-person meeting or phone consult. From there, we can learn a little more about what you're thinking of and come up with a customized plan to meet your specific wants and needs.bout**