Wedding Flower Trends For 2017

Flowers are an integral part of the design and decor of weddings today. Join us as we take a look at some of the wedding flower trends we're experiencing this year and expect to continue in 2017.


First of all, today's bridal bouques are all about a loose, organic shape versus the more traditional tight posy bouquets. This "freshly gathered from the garden look" is the perfect way to add some romance and whimsy to your bouquet. With visually interesting lines of vines, foliage, and arching branches, these carefully arranged and often overflowing bouquets give the look of "just picked" wild flowers. Roses, hydrangea and dahlias continue to be popular blooms of choice, but we're also incorporating more greenery and uncommon flower choices such as scabiosa or eryngium (blue thistle) to add interest.


Photo credit: Hanafoto

Photo credit: Hanafoto

Reception Centerpieces

The look in centerpieces has elevated to chic and stylish for the coming year. It's long past time for mason jars to move on! Interesting vases on the scene for 2017 include mercury glass vases and antique vases in cut glass and metal tones like rose gold or copper. We're also seeing more and more requests for geometric containers or lanterns with flowers flowing inside and out. Just like bouquets, loose and flowing arrangements with a vintage vibe are the way to go with either a muted or vibrant colour palette and lots of greenery.


Today's brides are using more chic and stylish vase containers than mason jars, such as these mercury glass pedestal bowls. (Photo credit: Hanafoto)

Today's brides are using more chic and stylish vase containers, such as these mercury glass pedestal bowls. (Photo credit: Hanafoto)


Old Fashioned Blooms

Old fashioned flowers have become the new favourites! Mums and carnations, which have had limited use in wedding flowers for decades are making a comeback. Frilly carnations with their subtle scent are one of the most versatile flowers due to their durability and their availability in every shade imaginable. Mums are similar in that there are many varieties and colours, as well as their durability and longevity. The best part for brides is that while costs of flowers have increased dramatically, these flowers are considered to be on the cost effective side of the spectrum. They are used a lot for fall decorating and work great as a filler flower for fall weddings.



Carnations are making a comeback in wedding arrangements.


Flower Garlands

Many couples are still in love with the idea of a luxurious flower wall backdrop, but few can afford the expense of what it would take to make a good one. Instead, we're seeing a turn towards foliage-focused backdrops by using garlands at the ceremony or loose arrangements that can be added to arches or gazebos. Again, the look is to "bring the outside in".  As an alternative to the traditional arch or arbor adorned with flowers, a combination of vines, branches, greenery, and leaves are integrated in to ceremony backdrops.


Ceremony garlands are very popular.

Ceremony garlands are very popular.


King's tables (or feast tables) continue to be popular at wedding receptions. Garlands from your ceremony can often be repurposed and used on these longer, rectangular tables. While we love the look of these tables, a little cnterpiece won't work. Instead, it is quite common to see a garland placed down the center of  a rectangular banquet table with flowers placed amongst the greenery. Sometimes, longer centerpieces will be used interspersed with "satellite" florals or short vases with a few flowers or single stem to complete the look and add to the fullness of the overall design.


Greenery with flowers in table.

Greenery with flowers in table.


Color Palettes

Blush continues to be one of the most requested color choices, but modern brides often want to see it paired with something else.  Multicolored floral hues are in. We're getting more requests to pair a neutral (like blush or ivory) with a darker color that complements the soft shades, such as a Marsala (a deep rich shade of burgundy). Blush is still a favorite, especially with classic tones of ivory, cream, and champagne, only now we're beginning to all lots of greenery. Bouquets will often contain a more subtle hue, such as a soft coral, and then match it with a more vivid colors, like a sunset orange and rust. This adds complexity and depth to the arrangement.


Soft coral bouquet paired with berry.

Soft coral bouquet paired with berry.


What trends are you seeing for 2017? Are you planning on incorporating any of these ideas into your upcoming wedding? If so, please comment below, and let us know the details or the trends that you are planning to use in 2017.

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