Bohemian Romance at Cherry Creek Estate in the Canadian Rockies

Bespoke weddings are all the rage. Couples today want a wedding that is unique and completely their own. Unconventional, artistic, and with a hint of bohemian romance! This was our inspiration for our spring style shoot. Cherry Creek Estate, located between Cranbrook and Kimberly, British Columbia, is a private estate. The estate home is ideal for wedding parties to…
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The Difference Between a Wedding Planner And A Venue Wedding Coordinator

What is the difference between a wedding venue coordinator and a wedding planner? I was recently speaking with a colleague of mine who works at one of the larger hotels in the Calgary area as their wedding venue coordinator. She is an extremely hard worker and consistently goes above and beyond to help out her couples that are getting…
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Pop-Up Weddings – Your Alternative To The Traditional Wedding

There is no question that today's couples are concerned about finances. With so many people laid off, and such a high cost of living, newly engaged couples are carefully considering their priorities. There is a growing number of the population who while they like the idea of a wedding and wanting to make a commitment…
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